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kikoi composite for sale bazaar africa gifts

This colourful range of kikois can be used in so many different ways. Wear as a sarong, take to the beach, a scarf, a picnic cloth, a throw – the variety is endless. Everybody who knows Kenya will have a whole range of these kikois, because they are just so useful!

Sorry, only got the yellow kikois in stock at the moment.

Kikois from Kenya

Kenyan kikois are so versatile, that you will want one in every colour.

The bright colours cheer up any room, as a throw and they are also wonderful for picnics, or informal outdoor dining.
Keep one in the car, to cover the seats against muddy dog paws! Great as a shawl when travelling.

The kikoi is a traditional Kenyan cloth, resembling a ‘sarong’. It is woven from cotton yarn, making it very strong and easy to wash. The ends are knotted.

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Kenyan kikoi – yellow


Traditional Kenyan kikoi with many uses. Beach bag to match.


Kenyan kikoi – yellow


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