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When you have a spare moment, what do you do with it? Walk the dog or write a long overdue letter, perhaps?

Dog walks and letter writing!

Here we have a few ideas for the times when you think you are at your leisure. Oh no, the dog always needs walking, and there are always cards and letters to write. Enjoy the range on beaded leather dog collars and leads made by the Maasai of Kenya.
Alternatively, order a mixed pack of our hand crafted cards, each one completely different. Some are wire outlines of animals, some beaded, some recyled metal, some fabric and others more like modern art. Each one in a ‘one-off’ and hand made in South or East Africa. Keep some in stock for when you suddenly need a special card.

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Bazaar Africa will be away for a couple of weeks, from the 2nd February to 19th February. We shall be off to Kenya, looking for some new and exciting products to tempt you with.

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