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Beaded cutlery and salad servers

salad servers composite bazaar africa gifts

A selection of some bead cutlery, wooden spoons and salad servers.

All are handmade in South Africa and Kenya. Both countries are known for their beadwork, which they use to brighten many everyday items.

Bead handled spoons and knives, and salad servers.

We have a small range of bead handled jam and honey spoons, as well as butter or paté knives. Ideal to give as gifts, maybe accompanied by a jar of jam or honey, or some homemade paté. All made of stainless steel with non-corodible wire.

They are made in South Africa by Zulu women, beadwork being an old traditional Zulu technique.

There is also a selection of salad servers, some with beaded handles, others in wood with bone decoration.

In addition, you will find some small wooden spoons with bead trim, all of which are hand crafted in Kenya. These, too, make a great gift on their own, or with a jar of jam or suchlike.

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