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Candle holder

Candle holders

candle holders handcrafted in beads composite bazaar africa gifts

These are Bazaar Africa’s beaded candle or tea-light holders.

They can be used both inside or outside for barbecues – on those sunny summer evenings!

African beaded candle holders

This is a range of beaded African candle holders from both South Africa and Kenya.

The South African ones are geckos, with curled tails, in which you put your candle or tea light. When not in use, they are still very decorative, and can be stored by hanging them on the wall.

The beaded pots can also hold a candle, and are made by the Maasai tribe of Kenya, in a variety of bright colours and patterns. These can also be used to collect all those bits and bobs that are always lying around.

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Beaded candle holder or pencil pot – lucky dip


SALE, NOW ONLY £4.25/£4.50

Was £5.85/6.45

Bright and pretty, these hand crafted beaded pots can be used for all sorts of things around the house.


Beaded candle holder or pencil pot – lucky dip

Gecko candle holder – beaded


Beaded geckos designed to hold a candle or tea light in their tails


Gecko candle holder – beaded


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