Beaded Maasai dog collars and leads

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MEASUREMENTS: Each beaded leather dog collar is measured from the prong of the buckle to the FIRST hole, i.e. the shortest length possible, and then to the LAST hole, i.e the longest length possible. There may be a small discrepancy in these lengths, as they are all hand made. Suggest that you chose a length that fits your dog that is BETWEEN these two lengths. Where only one measurement is given, this is the smallest length possible.


FROM 7.5″ TO 25″

Leather dog collars and leads, beaded by hand in Kenya – go here to see them all.

Each dog collar is individually made by hand, so there may be slight variations.  They are all made from free-range leather. The Maasai are well known for wearing a mass of colourful beadwork, so now your dog can wear a beaded dog collar too! Look at the jewellery page, and maybe you could match your pooch? Various designs and lengths of dog collars are in stock at the moment. The leads are all one length, as shown in the description.