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PHOTOBUCKET “image hosting”

Photobucket used to be a site that people like us could use to upload their photos for others to see and to hotlink to their eShops and blogs. That means, for those that don’t know the terminology, that the photos are stored on Photobucket but they appear here as well as there.

Some of our images, those on this blog, were stored on Photobucket. The shop’s images are stored on the shop’s server within this website.

Easy – hey?

Photobucket bombshell

Suddenly, and out of the blue in 2017 and with very little prior warning, this noble company changed their rules. They decided to stop the hotlinking unless you pay.

Have a guess how much? $30 dollars a year?

That probably would have been fair. But no…

Photobucket want $399 annually


Photobucket 3rd party EXPENSIVE hosting

Yes you read that correctly $399 per year. We aren’t Amazon or eBay we are small time online shops and bloggers. Professional bloggers and sites pay for “reliable” photo storage and servers.

The result of this professional and courteous decision is that we now have littered around the site the image you see to the right that informs the visitor that the image has be removed due to this strange business approach. We are going to have to sift through the site and repost the broken images.

SORRY is all we can say.

We hope to have this situation under control soon.

Death of Photobucket?

The result of this is that people like us, little people with little shops, have had all our links destroyed in one fell swoop. One fellow I read about has had 12 years of travel blogs destroyed by this insane decision. In actual fact this extortion has destroyed countless blogs and forums. People have left the hosting in droves. And I expect that the individual at the top who decided to implement the decision will be leaving too. Our opinion and a lot of others too, is that Photobucket will die within the year.

Keep your eyes peeled. Also have a look at the complaints on Facebook

Well, we were a bit slack. We completely forgot we had images on Photobucket. So it has come to our attention that we now have Photobucket’s “broken image” graphic all over this blog, and we’ll have to go about updating the links so that you, the viewer can see the appropriate images that go with these articles.

Anger at Photobucket

A casual search of the internet with just the company’s name brought up a ton of news and complaints. Here are a few for those that are interested and were thinking of using these people for their photo storage.

Broken image

photobucket broken promise

Photobucket – image unavailable.

This image is what you will see if you come across one of Photobucket’s hosted images. If you do see this and feel inclined, please drop us a line via our contact form with the address of the page (the URL) pasted into it from your browser’s address bar and we’ll get on to it ASAP. Sorry again.

2019 edit…

The cost of a domain name is about £10 per year. The cost of hosting is between £30 and £60 per year. So it can be seen that it is way cheaper to buy yourself a domain name or more hosting and upload your images to YOUR space and link to your images from there. It works out at about 1 fifth of the cost of Photobucket.

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