Beaded Animals

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3D beaded animals from Africa


A range of 3D beaded animals.

Most of the beaded animals for sale, are made in South Africa, although a good many of them are actually made by Zimbabweans, temporarily living there. The Zimbabwe people seem to have a natural talent for this kind of work, and manage to get a lot of life into many of their creations. All of them are individual, and even when producing effectively the same animal, no two are exactly alike, as they are all hand made.

Beaded gecko with huge eyes

Beaded gecko with big eyes

A wire frame forms the basis of the structure, and this uses strong wire, with the beads being threaded onto thinner wire, and then attached. You need to have really strong fingers to do this work! Sometimes slightly larger beads are used, and then marbles may be introduced for dramatic eyes, such as on some of the geckos. The beads are mainly small glass seed beads, and they come in a multitude of colours.

beaded horses

Beaded horse on wire frame.

Sometimes the beaders have problems, as beads are simply not always available in all colours. When I wanted some horses made for Bazaar Africa, I was unable to get them in brown beads at that time, and I rejected having blue horses! This is one of the problems of buying handcrafts, sometimes you just cannot get what you want when you want it! I do now have my brown horses.

All of the beaders work very hard, but it is a sociable activity, as they sit around chatting to their friends and fellow workers, whilst hard at work. So busy chatting are they, that they sometimes forget where they have got to, and on one occasion, I had to ask for eyes to be put onto my animals, as the crafter had simply forgotten them. We had a laugh, as he tried to pretend that he was making sightless creatures. The fun and camaraderie of these people is truly wonderful, and it is a joy to laugh and joke with them. The eyes were put on as I waited, with much banter going on.

Happy beaded kangaroo

Beaded animal on wire frame.

As the world becomes a smaller place, so the range of animals has grown. Originally it was African animals and insects that formed the main part of the crafters work. Now, however, they have extended their range, from books, education, talking to tourists etc., and you will see that Bazaar Africa also has kangaroos, ladybirds, pelicans and more. Please enjoy looking at range available on our Beaded 3D Animals page. We are always looking for new and different animals to add to our menagerie.